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Wunduniik - A Heavy Graphic-Focused Modlist with more than 2500 mods

Based on A Photorealistic Fantasy tamriel - Modlist and guide

More than 500 mods to enhance the graphics of the game to fit the standards of 2023 games, with minimal performance loss!

Make Your Game Beautiful !

New lore friendly and handplaced creatures await you! As well as a selection of detailed and interesting new NPCS and followers to make the game alive!

Encounter New Creatures and NPCS !

Cities and towns received the overhaul they deserved, some lore friendly towns were added and dungeons received an update to feel bigger!

More Places And Dungeons to Explore !

Combat has been modernized to feel like more realistic and recent games like For Honor, with new mechanics and possibilities!

Modern Game's Combat !

Join Our Discord Server

Get to Alaxouche's Modding Hub in order to be able to talk with our community, to get help with your personal modding, share screenshots, talk about lore...

We have also our own section for Wunduniik, including a help/bug report channel, an announcement channel, discussion channel... Polls and announcement concerning the future of the list are made regularly, you don't want to miss this!

So join our discord server and meet with the Wunduniik Team and Alaxouche!

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