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Questions & Answers

Q: My compass doesn't show undiscovered locations!

A: Go to Compass Navigation Overhaul and find bShowUndiscoveredLocationMarkers=0. Change the 0 to 1

Q: How do I dismount my horse?

A: Hold down E

Q: How do I use target lock?

A: Target lock is a feature of True Directional Movement. You can change the hotkey in the TDM MCM.

Q: My map is all purple!

A: You have mods loaded under your map plug-ins. Make sure you move all additional esps you installed to be above your map esps

Q: How do i update my Wunduniik modlist?

A: Updating Wunduniik looks almost the same, as your first time installing it. 

  • If you did not clear previous download location, mods that did not change from last update, will use already downloaded files, which is making updating a lot faster than fresh install.

Keep in mind, that after update, all mods added by you, will be deleted. If you want to keep mods, added by yourself, add [NoDelete] at the beginning of mod name.

  • Download our file from Nexus site or from Wabbajack Application and extract it.

  • Open Wabbajack installer and point it to your "Wunduniik.wabbajack" file location.

  • Remember to mark "Overwrite location".

  • Click "Start" button.

Q : How do I activate the NSFW options ?

A : Wunduniik does not make use of NSFW anymore. If you want it, modify the list at your own risks.

Q : How do I add Widescreen support?

A : In the left panel of Mo2, navigate to the "Widescreen Support" separator, and activate the mods depending on the resolution you have.

Q : I don't like the current character preset and I can't find how to change it, help!

A : Do not panic. Wunduniik is making use of Obody, which allows you to use a ton of different body presets from a list. To change your bodymorph, press "o" and the menu will appear. You only have to click on one of the preset and poof! Your body is now swapped.

Reporting an Issue

If, during your playthrough, you encounter any bug, incompatibility, that may disturb your gameplay/immersion, I invite you to head over my discord server and to share the bug you found in the dedicated channel, so I can try to fix it for a future update. We are working together to make this modlist always better!

Performance Options

Tweaking and Switching ENB

It is possible that the ENB I use in this list don't suit you, or is too performance heavy for your list. In that case here is what you can do:

  • Switch with a more performance friendly ENB, such as Re-Engaged ENB

  • You can disable Complex Grass in the ENBSeries.ini file, to get back some perfs

  • You can change those settings in the ENBSeries.ini file:

    • [EFFECT]

      • EnableDepthOfField=false

      • EnableNormalMappingShadows=false

    • [SSAO_GAME]

      • AOAmount=0.0

      • AOAmountInterior=0.0

    • [SSAO_SSIL]

      • UseSelfIntersecting=false

      • SourceTexturesScale=0.25

      • SamplingQuality=1


      • EnableShadow=false


      • EnableShadow=false

      • EnableNormalMappingShadows=false


      • Quality=-1


      • HighQualityCaustics=false

    • [WATER]

      • EnableTessellation=false

INI Configuration

It is also possible that some of your INI settings are really unoptimized and may take some performances for nothing. Open BethINI and make sure the settings are like this:

  • Shadow Resolution: 2048

  • Ambient Occlusion: Either use this or the ENB version. The ENB version is more intensive. Do not have both turned on.

  • Remove Shadows: I really don’t recommend turning this on, but if you must then you can.

Mods Configuration

As I already said it, the modlist is exclusively in 2K. This means that every file, including effects such as mists, dandelion seeds, ripples... are in 2K. You can lower them, as well as some clutter retextures, in 1K if you estimate that 2K is not necessary. You may not find a big difference between 1K and 2K for those files. Also, you can change some settings in the Fomods (Editing the Modlist).

If you have more questions, I invite you to join my Discord Server (Link in Contact Me)!!

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