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Editing The List

It is possible that you might not like some of the items in the list and wish to change them to your personal preferences. To make this easier, I have added some special tags to indicate what they are.


  • Basic Fomod: Regular fomod with only add-ons and other options. No patches for other mods.

  • Patches Fomod: Self-explanatory and may contain add-ons and other options.

  • SKSE: Those are the mods depending on SKSE. 

  • Unpublished: Again, self-explanatory.

  • Output: These are files I have generated for the list. You can and should regenerate them if you change something that affects them.

Saving You Mod Changes​

Before updating, ensure you rename any mods you have added by adding the prefix [NoDelete] to the mod. These are found on the left side of MO2 under the Mod Name column.


This does not save your modded load order! All mods that were tagged with [NoDelete] will need their plugins to be manually placed back into the correct load order.


You can copy the loadorder.txt document from your profiles folder within the Wunduniik installation to save a copy of the load order. Make sure the copy is saved outside of Wunduniik so it is not deleted in the update.

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