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Using The List

Starting The List

Open Mod Organizer.exe and launch SKSE through the executables. As the modlist is quite big, depending on your pc, it may take some time to load the game. THIS IS NORMAL DON'T PANIC! Also I advise you to add Modding folder and Skyrim folder as exeptions in your Antivirus, it may cause some issues and even crashes.

Note: I recommend adding the list to your antivirus exceptions list as it will potentially stop it from interfering.

Configuring MCM

ALL MCM's have been pre-configured via Settings Loader mods, however you can change the settings if you don't like them.

Settings Loader is an addon to the MCMs, that allows to automatically load the presets and changes i made at the launch of your game. Yet, BE CAREFUL! If you change the MCMs settings, there is no way to recover the ones i added! Make sure to remember what was by default before making any change to them!


In order to help the player to understand and use a maximum of the list's functionalities, here is a keybind map of most of the used shortcuts ingame:

Keybind Layout Guide
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