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Wabbajack Installation


Once you have completed pre-installation, download the latest version of Wabbajack and place it in a folder such as C:\Games\Wabbajack. Do not place it in program files, on your desktop or in your downloads folder. I recommend placing it on an SSD as it will work quicker on there.

Downloading and installing Wunduniik can take a while depending on your internet connection and computer. To install the list, complete the following.

Now you can follow the next steps in order to download and install Wunduniik Modlist properly:

  1. Open Wabbajack and click on browse modlists.

  2. Press the download button on Wunduniik and wait for it to download.

  3. Set the installation folder to be somewhere like C:\Games\Wunduniik. Do not install it to your desktop or downloads folder.

  4. The download location does not need to be on an SSD but it makes installing a bit faster.

  5. Press the play button to begin.

  6. Go and pet your nearest fluffy animal whilst Wabbajack does its thing. Alternatively read through this readme again.

  7. The installation is now complete. You can move on to the next section. If you have issues with installation, you can refer to Wabbajack Installation Issues

Even if Wabbajack say installation complete, this doesn't mean you have finished. You Must follow the rest of the installation guide in order to have the list working properly. Otherwise you will have big issues.

Problems With Installation

It is possible that you may encounter an error with Wabbajack when installing. Some common issues are listed below.

  • Could not download x:

    • Big files can fail to download due to connection issues. You can either run wabbajack again or download the file manually. If you decide to manually download it, make sure to place it in the same place as the other downloads. Here are the files that commonly fail you can download from there:

  • RS Children Overhaul - Traduction Francaise/Ragnarok Reshade For Cabbage ENB is failing to download:

    • Some files are using sometimes special characters such as "ç" and "ä" that can fail to download if your PC can't handle those. In order to fix this issue, you need to do the following: 

      • Set you PC to English (United States)​

      • Disable "Use Unicode UTF-8"

      • Start back the download. Once done you can revert those settings.

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