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Post Installation

CPU Optimization

A change you can make using the Skyrim Priority mod is boosting your CPU performances, in order to get a smoother game. Before doing anything, consider there is a chance of making the game crash so if after making the changes you get a crash, just set the value back to default. Here is how to enable the optimization through Mod Organizer 2:

  • On Mod Organizer, click on the puzzle icon:

CPU Optimization Guide 1
  • On the pop-up menu, select "Set CPU Affinity":

CPU Optimization Guide 2
  • It will open a menu telling you how much logical processors and automatically proposing you a change to the CPU Affinity. Click OK:

CPU Optimization Guide 3
  • If successful, it will open this pop-up. Click OK, and you're done!

CPU Optimization Guide 4

BethINI and INIs

BethINI is a really useful tool to edit your Skyrim.ini, SkyrimCustom.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. I already provided you my INIs, but some lines might not be set up correctly for your computer. However, BethINI is making changes to ini settings it isn't supposed to, so i removed it from the list. I advise you to make the changes by hand, but if you really want you can install BethINI yourself. Here are the lines you must check before starting your game:

  • SkyrimPrefs.ini:

    • [Display]

      • iSize H=1080 -> Change this with your screen resolution Height

      • iSize W=1920 -> Change this with your screen resolution Width

        Those 2 lines can be changed directly through the Skyrim Launcher or BethINI

    • [Launcher]

      • sD3DDevice="NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060TI" -> Change this with you GPU name

  • Skyrim.ini:

    • [Display]

      • sScreenShotBaseName=C:\Games\The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - Special Edition\Screenshots\Screenshots -> Create a folder called Screenshots and replace this line with the path leading to the new folder.

  • SSEDisplayTweaks.ini

    • Resolution=1920x1080 -> Change this with your screen resolution

Changing screen resolution

  • It is recommended to check the ini files in Beth-Ini to make sure that your screen resolution matches what the files are set to. To do this, complete the following:

  • Close Mod Organizer 2.

  • Navigate to the tools folder and launch BethIni

  • In the Basic section on the first page, make sure the screen resolution matches.

  • In the General section, make sure the Screenshots Directory is set to where you want your screenshots to go.

  • Navigate back to the basic tab.

  • Press Save


Wunduniik was designed and set up to be used with Cabbage ENB for NAT III Weather, but you can change it if you don't like it.

Also to help you with the ENB management, I strongly advise you the ENB Organizer, that comes in the programs of Mod Organizer 2. It will allow you to prepare presets of ENBs you can easily switch as it will remember the files used and their configurations. This modlist is using Rudy ENB for permission purpose but it is made for Cabbage ENB. I strongly advise you to use it and get it there. The edit of Cabbage ENB i use on my screenshots is also available on the discord server. Here is how you may use/set up it:

  • Launch ENB Organizer through Mod Organizer 2:

ENB Organizer Guide 1
  • Browse to the preset section:

ENB Organizer Guide 2
  • Select one of the different ENB presets available for the list (all are compatible with the list's weather mod, NAT 3.1.1):

ENB Organizer Guide 3
  • If you want to add your presets, follow the instructions directly on the ENB Organizer mod page.


For a performance matter, I highly recommend you to install the DLSS mod support for ENB, that is paywalled (that's why I can't use it in the list directly) as it's still in development.

What is DLSS?

DLSS is an upscaling method use by Nvidia cards (there are equivalents for AMD and Intels) that works by lowering your game resolution and then upscaling it to the original resolution using AI. This means that if you play originally on a 2K resolution, DLSS will lower for example to FHD and then using AI upscale, imitate the 2K resolution. This method tricks the graphic card so this means you will have a significant amount of performance gain with minimal visual loss. With ENB Support, you can gain up to 20-30fps on good machines.

Installing and configuring DLSS

Begin by downloading the latest version of DLSS for Skyrim SE from PureDark's Patreon. Install it in Mod Organizer 2 like a regular mod: in Mod Organizer 2, do Ctrl + M. A pop-up will appear. Navigate to your files and find the DLSS mod archive (.7z or .zip) you just installed. Click open, and click ok. Congratulation, you just installed DLSS!

Now we will focus on how to configure it: Right click on the mod, click open in Explorer... and then navigate to SKSE/Plugins/ and then open SkyrimUpscaler.ini. Change the following settings:

  • For Nvidia Card Users:

    • mUpscaleType = 1 -> 0

    • mQualityLevel = 2 -> 1

  • For AMD Card Users:

    • mQualityLevel = 2 -> 1

  • For Intel Card Users:

    • mUpscaleType = 1 -> 2

    • mQualityLevel = 2 -> 1

​​Save the changes. Now in order to make it work properly, you need to disable TAA and Edge AA from Game .inis and ENB .inis. Once done, DLSS will be ready to work in-game. DLSS comes with an integrated control panel in-game. To activate/deactivate it, simply use END key. You can change here sharpness, mipmap... If you don't know what DLSS is, read this guide here

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