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I - Loading a Preset

Bodyslide is really useful to add body preset for your characters into the game. It is really important to do this through Bodyslide as it will also generate/adjust armor meshes to the body you want to use.

How to load a body preset ?

  • Download a body preset on the Nexus, according to the body type you have installed (CBBE, CBBE 3BA, TBD, UNP, HIMBO...);

  • Install it and activate it. Then, start Bodyslide;

  • On the top left, there is a preset strip. Extend it and select the body preset you just installed;

  • Then on the top right there is a search bar called "filter by group". Click on it, and tick only the groups you want (for example if you want to load a feminine preset, untick the male affiliated groups);

  • On the bottom left, tick the box called "meshes\....", then tick the batch build box and click "batch build";

  • It will open a window showing you options for the group selected, check only those you want, then generate the bodyslide file.

Loading a Preset

II - Making a Preset

You might find yourself in a situation where none of the preset shared suit you. In that case, you can create your own preset, from scratch or based on another preset.

How to make a body preset ?

On Bodyslide you will see two colones, both with a lot of sliders. The left slider is for low weight version of the preset (near 0), and the right on is for high weight version of the preset (near 100). They contain the same settings, but its important that the low weight differs from the high weight, else in game, when you will try to ajust weight of the character, you wont see any difference.

  • First, in Bodyslide, play with the different sliders, for both low and high weight, to get the result wanted (you can see dynamic changes by clicking the preview button);

  • Once done, click "Save as...". It will open a pop-up, letting you choose the preset name, and the groups it's made for.

  • Save the .xml file somewhere you can find it. Then, create a new empty mod, and create the following folders to get this path: " 'mod's name'\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets\'preset'.xml ".

  • Your preset is created! You can now generate bodyslide files for it.

Making a Preset
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